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Free shipping In Israel on orders over 150 ILS!

Acne – Not Just a Teenage Problem

Despite the assertion that acne disappears after puberty, studies show that 25% of women age 25-40 also suffer from varying degrees of acne. The main causes of adult acne are hormonal disturbances and imbalances that mostly occur during menstruation, throughout or following pregnancy, or in periods of emotional stress. Adult acne can also stem from the use of cosmetic products that are not suited to skin type and condition.

In adolescence, acne appears on the forehead and cheeks; in adults, it mostly appears around the lips and under the chin.

How is acne treated?

Keep stress to a minimum; moderate physical activity can help. Avoid fatty foods and limit consumption of spicy foods. Adopt a skincare regimen that begins with cleansing. Choose oil-free cosmetics suitable for your skin type. Contact your dermatologist to suggest treatment for balancing imbalances.