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Facial Skincare for Winter

It is important to follow a good skincare regimen year-round for healthy, vibrant skin, but this regimen should be adapted for changes in weather in order to be effective.

In the winter, our faces and bodies face conditions that make optimal functioning a challenge. Dry, cold weather, frequent temperature fluctuations, long hours spent indoors in unventilated spaces, and heating and air conditioning cause immediate skin damage, and results are noticeable: the skin becomes dry and less vibrant.

Follow these rules to help your skin get through the winter:

A wonderful start to a winter morning:

Start the day with a refreshing, energizing shower. Towards the end of the shower, switch to lukewarm water to seal pores opened under the hot water. In winter, there is a higher occurrence of dandruff and dry skin. Use a gentle shampoo to eliminate dandruff and to leave the skin clean and soft. Follow shampooing with a specially formulated cream to prevent a recurrence of dandruff, itchiness and dry skin.

Good nutrition in the winter

In the winter, our bodies expend more energy in order to deal with cold weather. Follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Take dietary supplements that contain medicinal herbs, vitamins and antioxidants to help keep skin healthy.

The eye and neck area suffer in the cold

The delicate skin around the eye and neck area is thinner than other parts of the body. Seasonal damage like cold, dryness, wind and temperature fluctuations exacerbate seborrhea, redness and itchiness. As a preventative measure, apply a gentle eye and neck cream that provides the moisture these sensitive areas need.

Preventing dry skin and stretch marks

The dry, cold winter air makes skin fragile and dry. Showering can aggravate itchiness and can cause a flare-up of seborrhea and redness, because water and soap can exacerbate dry skin. Choose a body lotion that alleviates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and soothed. Use body lotions rich with plant extracts and oils like obliphica oil to restore elasticity and to help treat and prevent stretch marks.

Nourishing facial skincare

In the winter, skin tends to dry out more than usual and it loses nutrients. Ignoring this could lead to red, peeling skin. Use products that balance oiliness, moisturize the skin, and are easily absorbed. Applying rich face cream over regular moisturizer will prevent dry skin and fine lines, and will make skin look refreshed and radiant.