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Fine Lip Lines – Not an Inevitable Conclusion

Fine lip lines make us look older, and they can appear at quite a young age. They are not exclusive to women, although they are more noticeable in women – mostly in women who use lipstick that bleeds into fine lines. These lines are caused by the skin around the lips being thin in comparison to the rest of the face.

How can this be prevented or at least postponed?

Avoid smoking – The act of inhaling smoke is one of the causes of fine lip lines. Repeating this movement multiple times a day creates these lines. In addition, cigarette smoke contains many toxins that deplete collagen and elastin – components of the skin that preserve skin elasticity and durability. Long-term smoking also blocks proper absorption of oxygen into the skin, deepens fine lines, and causes early aging of the skin and blemishes.

Avoid licking or biting lips – One cause of chapped or wrinkled skin around the lips is licking or biting them. Saliva dries out the skin, making us repeatedly moisten our lips and drying them out even more. Biting lips damages their shape, causes chapped lips, and damages the delicate skin surrounding the lips. It is important to avoid this to slow aging of the skin and the appearance of fine lip lines. If lips are dry or chapped, treat with a suitable cosmetic product.

Moisturize – To slow aging of the skin and the formation of fine lines around the lips, be sure to moisturize. Dry skin needs moisture to slow the aging process.

Apply lip protector, lip balm or lip gloss formulated to reduce and prevent wrinkles and to improve the lips’ balance of moisture. Use products that prevent dry skin that do not contain fuel derivatives like paraffin or Vaseline.

Use sunscreen – Exposure to UVA+UVB rays extensively damages and wrinkles the skin. Try to avoid the sun and always use sunscreen, even when indoors, because UVA rays can come from office or home lighting, too. Apply sunscreen to the area surrounding the lips as well.

Take antioxidants – Vitamin C and green tea are rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from sun damage, to prevent skin inflammation, and to slow aging of the skin.