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SeboCalm Perfect Beauty Set

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  • Porcelain 30

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Essence Serum + CC Cream + Makeup Brush

The ultimate skincare and makeup regimen at a discounted price. The trio provides a ideal skincare along with a professional home makeup experience for smooth, even, perfect skin.

Set includes:
Essence Serum – a lightweight serum ideal for soothing the skin and preserving supple, vibrant skin.
CC Cream SPF30 – multi-purpose cream foundation to nurture the skin, even out skin tone, help prevent pigmentation, and protect the skin from sun damage.
Makeup Brush – multi-purpose brush for smooth, even makeup application and for perfect makeup results.

  • Normal to combination skin and delicate, oily skin prone to redness.
  • The trio provides a luxurious skincare and makeup regimen. Results are noticeable and leave the skin feeling supple and soft, looking even and smooth, and with a lasting soothing sensation.
  • Apply Essence Serum every morning and massage into the face in circular motions (also recommended to use at night before bed). Follow with CC Cream. Apply to the face and neck in circular motions using the Makeup Brush to form an even layer. If using moisturizer, apply after Essence Serum and before CC Cream.
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