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SeboCalm Innovation Lifting Eye Contour Gel

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Minimizes under-eye signs of fatigue

A revolutionary gel to minimize signs of under-eye fatigue and dryness. Diminishes dark circles for an instant effect of taut, firm, smooth skin. Water-based and rapidly absorbs due to its lightweight, refreshing consistency, leaving the skin looking vibrant with no oily residue. The moisture-enriched eye gel is based on an exclusive, innovative emollient complex that mimics natural moisture factors to hydrate the skin and retain moisture, leaving the skin with a lasting supple and firm appearance.

  • All skin types and all ages. Mature skin prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

    • Minimizes signs of under-eye fatigue and dryness
    • Minimizes dark circles
    • Creates an immediate effect of taut, firm skin
  • Gently apply 1-2 drops with fingertips to under-eye area. Use daily.

  • An exclusive, innovative emollient complex with Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid and Polysaccharides. The complex mimics natural moisture factors (NMF) to hydrate the skin and retain moisture. Amino acids known for their unique qualities in slowing the aging process. Plant extracts including Mountain Mallow to create a lifting effect while conditioning and soothing the skin, Centella to soften and refresh the skin, and Green Tea to neutralize the harmful effect of free radicals. Squalene helps with lasting moisture retention and to make the skin feel silky.

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  • “At long last, a non-oily product that absorbs quickly and does what it’s supposed to do properly."

    Rima Vilenchick, Ashdod

    “A light, pleasant user experience. The gel’s consistency is excellent. It absorbs instantly and has a nice, instant effect, especially in the cursed area known as ‘dark bags."

    Grade 8, Baduk section of Zmanim Bri’im, Yedioth Ahronoth