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Free shipping In Israel on orders over 150 ILS!

Tips on Choosing Moisturizer for Teens

Herman Weiss, Chief Pharmacist at SeboCalm /

In adolescence, mammary glands produce excess oil, making skin oily and shiny and causing an increased tendency to develop pimples. The key to basic skincare in adolescence is thorough, gentle cleansing and adequately moisturizing the skin.

A few tips on choosing the ideal moisturizer for young skin:

  1. The main reason for pimples is the unbalanced secretion of sebum (protein and lipids). Choose a moisturizer that encourages the skin’s natural mechanism for balancing sebum levels to help treat and prevent pimples.
  2. Choose a light, oil-free cream that provides sufficient moisture without being too thick.
  3. Use a cream that contains moisture-retaining plant extracts that provide gradual, lasting saturation, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed over time.
  4. Choose a cream that is rapidly absorbed to help the skin look matte and smooth and to prevent oiliness and shine.
  5. We now know that chemicals can cause long-term damage. Choose natural products based on medicinal herbs and vitamins to keep skin looking healthy over time.
  6. Use hypoallergenic products suitable for sensitive, delicate skin.
  7. Order samples to test for sensitivities and allergies before purchasing. Always choose hypoallergenic products that are suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.